4 Cool Ways to Produce Professional Hens Night Invitations

So you’re organising a hens party – what awesome fun! For most brides to be, celebrating with the hens is an absolute must. Whether it’s for tradition, or it’s just another excuse for a wild girls night out, exactly why and how the bride waves goodbye to her bachelorette status is not important. The really crucial thing is that she is surrounded by the hens she loves almost as much as her man. And for that, you’ll need to think about the hens night invitations.

The low-down on hens night invitations

So you’ve come up with a date, booked a venue, decided the hens theme and drawn up the list of invited hens. All that’s left to do is to let them know they’re welcome!

Once upon a time not too long ago, you’d whiz down to the party store for a packet of invitations – or maybe whip something up on the word processor. But deciding how to arrange your hens party invites is now a trickier business – and we’re here to give you the tips you need to make it a total success.

So forget all about sending a quick group text for the hens invitations. You can have a whole lot more fun than that …

1. Shutterstock Editor

If you’re looking for an easy design app for hens night invitations that look completely professional, try Shutterstock Editor. There are millions upon millions of photos to choose from, the ready-to-use templates are super simple, and with a press of a button, your hens party invites can be on the way via social media.

shuterstock editor for hens night invitations

2. Canva

Canva is another great option for epic and easy hens night invitation templates. There are hundreds of free layouts to choose from, as well as a huge library of images – and you can use your own photos as well. Add filters, backgrounds and colours, edit and insert your own hen party invite wording, choose from 130 fonts. Like Shutterstock, you can publish directly to Facebook, or save as an image file.

Canva Logo

3. Etsy

Try typing ‘hens party invitation’ into Etsy – and be stunned by the almost 6,000 results you find! For just a few bucks, you’ll find some of the very best hens night invitation templates anywhere on the web. Typically, you’ll get a package that includes high-resolution PDF templates – just save it to your desktop, open it in Acrobat Reader, edit the text, the font style, the colour, and print at home.

Etsy Logo

4. Adobe Spark

The great thing about the internet is that there are so many ways to design really professional-looking invitations with absolutely no design skills. Another is Adobe Spark, where your exclusive hens party invites can be done in mere minutes. All you need is your imagination, as you pick the invitation size and shape, theme, images and font. Getting it to the hens is also easy, with printing options as well as Facebook, Twitter and email sharing options.

Adobe Spark Logo

So there you have it – 4 quick, easy and cheap alternatives to using a pen and paper, Microsoft Paint or a lazy group text for your epic hens invitations. The Princes of the Night is all about making your forthcoming hens night the absolute best it can be, which is why we don’t just offer hens party invitations advice, but the best hens party experience in Melbourne. We’ve satisfied 250,000+ ladies at our epic hens parties, so don’t miss out call us or book today!

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