Bridesmaid Duties: 5 Tips To Make You The Best Bridesmaid Ever for the Best Hen Do ideas Melbourne!

So you’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaid to organise your amazing hens Do in Melbourne- how exciting! If you’re nervous about the big responsibility and all those bridesmaid duties, don’t be. The bride is letting you know how much she loves, respects and trusts you. And you’re also being given a once (or perhaps twice or three times) in a lifetime bridesmaid role that we absolutely guarantee you’ll never forget.

That being said, you’re taking on a job that is very traditional and important when it comes to the bride’s big Hen Do – and you’re going to have a lot of eyes on you and your actions! Bridesmaid responsibilities are loaded up with emotion and expectation, and although we told you not to be nervous, it’s a role that can be a recipe for tears and drama.

But take our word for it again: you will not only get through it, but you’ll also cross your fingers that you can do it again and again for more beautiful friends and family members that you love.

So let’s not panic, but instead, get right down to business. You’re a bridesmaid now. What on earth is expected of you?!

Here are our top bridesmaid checklist items that will get you through it:

1. Support the Maid of Honour

Turns out, there are more to those bridesmaid duties than just looking pretty and lending a hand here and there. Because while she may be the focal point, the Maid of Honour also has a very responsible role. So don’t forget that you are there to offer her a helping hand as well.

So even if the Maid of Honour’s answer is “No, I don’t need any help,” make sure you ask again – three times. It’s an offer that could be hugely appreciated.

2. Be calm

Have you heard the old metaphor about ducks? Calm on the surface, and swimming away like crazy under the surface? Sounds quite a lot like your bridesmaid duties. Weddings are stressful for everyone, but particularly for those involved in the most responsible roles. So provide the best possible service: be calm. If the bride is stressed, put your hand on your shoulder and listen. Take her mind off it by asking a non-wedding related question. Remind her how many cocktails she drank on the hen’s night. Make her laugh with your favourite joke.

3. Listen … and ask

Arguably the biggest of the bridesmaid responsibilities is to listen. But make sure you’re ready to act as well. What we mean is, ask very clear questions: “What do you need?” “Is there anything I can do?” Some brides have difficulty putting you out or being demanding. So take that dilemma away from her by being the best and most dutiful bridesmaid you can possibly be.

4. Act like a member of a team

If you’re the only bridesmaid, don’t worry about this one. But one of the most common problems during a wedding is that … how shall we say this? … girls don’t always play nicely together. Don’t be the one that either caused the problem or didn’t work their hardest to solve it. So remember that your loyalty is first to the bride, and second to the smooth running of the perfect wedding. It is NOT about you.

5. Remember your duties

Loyalty aside, there are actual things a bridesmaid is expected to do besides the bridal showers, the hens night, and helping the bride in and out of the cars and down the aisle. You may also need to pay for your dress and your hair, attend rehearsals, and be front and centre in the days and hours before the big day (and obviously during the wedding and the reception). You may also be asked to give a toast.

So rather than just turning up and looking pretty, it turns out that being a bridesmaid is actually a big responsibility! But don’t stress, keep smiling, and above all make sure you enjoy taking part in one of the best and most important days in the bride’s life. Because you know what? It’s going to be one of the best days of your life, too. Enjoy!

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