The 5 Best Hens Party Games of 2020


With the serious commitment of a lifetime marriage on the horizon, the hens night is an important moment for the bride-to-be and her beautiful friends. It’s also just a great excuse for an amazing party! So to ensure it goes off with fun, hilarity, and non-stop laughter, the best guarantee is a list of foolproof hens party games that simply can’t go wrong.

Why do you need these hens night game ideas?

Sure, when a hens party bursts into a venue, everybody knows that these girls mean fun. But in reality, the bride’s friends can be a mixed group and not everyone knows everyone else.

The best way to keep the conversations laughs and fun swinging full-time are with these tried, tested and trendy hens night games — they are our absolute favourites of 2019 so far!

1. Any advice for the bride?

It’s probably the case that among the bride’s friends are some married ones. But even unmarried attendees can play along too.

All of the hens take some paper and write down a piece of advice for the bride — the funnier the better! The bride reads out all of the advice, and if she can guess who advised what, everyone has a drink to celebrate. Cheers!

2. Hen nicknames

A trendy hens games favourite of 2019 involves the bride coming up with nicknames for every hen who is going to attend. Each hen wears her nickname on a name badge, and everyone else guesses why the nickname has been given. It may sound simple but trust us … it’s hilarious!

For extra hilarity, make it a rule that no REAL names can be spoken during the entire night of hens games. If someone slips up, they need to down a cocktail.

3. DIY cocktails

Of all the hens games ideas, this is the one you’ll all remember the most – unless you put way too much gin in…

Ask every hen to put $10-20 towards the purchase of an amazing array of cocktail ingredients. Because before you go out, you’re going to do-your-own-cocktails! Buy some soda, juices and other mixers, throw in some whiskey, gin and Cointreau, and don’t forget some cherries, limes and olives.

Don’t forget, none of these DIY cocktails can be a recipe you know – and the recipe you dream up needs to be completely ad-libbed! No Googling! Give your new cocktails all-new names, and be honest with your fellow hens … are they delicious, or … not so delicious?

4. Daredevil hens

Nothing gets the heart beating faster and the laughs laughing harder than a bunch of hens who’ve been dared to do the unthinkable!

Need some hilarious tips to put on the dare list? How about getting a photo on Instagram of you kissing the bar cutie? Why not order a drink in a second language? How about you walk up to a complete stranger and pretend you know him? Or why not come out of the toilet with a huge train of toilet paper stuck in the back of your pants?

Got your creative and daring juices flowing! Dares are always among the most popular hens night party games.

5. Make your own man

The bride is about to get her man for life … but does she have one that is made of plasticine?

Each hen is given a card with a single word of a body part on it. Each hen needs to secretly craft her body part, and then give it to the bride. The bride then goes about creating her man from all of the various body parts.

Our guarantee? Each of these hens party games ideas will have everyone in stitches, conversations, and laughs flowing, and lifetime memories in the bank forever.

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