Classy Hens Party in Melbourne

Classy Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

Step out onto the town on any given Saturday night and you’ll likely see hordes of groups of women together, heading to a Classy Hens Party Ideas Melbourne wearing a novelty veil, a badge that proclaims her soon-to-be-wed status, or something equally conspicuous.

If your best friend, sister or close cousin is getting married shortly, you’ll no doubt have planned a celebration for her last days of freedom. Known as the “hens party,” it’s a time-honoured tradition with history dating back to the 1800s. Here, we teach 

The history of hens parties

Bachelorette parties, or hens parties as we Australians call it, are recorded as existing since the late 1800’s. A common tradition in the US, they were initially modelled off a dinner that the groom’s father would hold for his son prior to his wedding. These parties were gender-segregated, much like the habit of high society’s men and women separating after dinner to enjoy tea and gossip.

Fast forward to the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, where women wanted to enjoy an evening of debauchery too in the lead-up to their special day (well, it’s only fair.) A hens party was generally an uncommon, under the radar event, until the first book on planning a hens party was published in 1998. Now, women everywhere had a guide on how to humiliate and celebrate the bride-to-be. 

Putting the fun in dysfunctional 

Much like bucks nights, hens parties have also elicited the need for a no-holds barred approach to entertainment. When once upon a time a hens party was held in a private residence and gave a chance for the hostess to talk amongst her guests while enjoying a meal, the 21st century introduced drinking games, themed dress-ups, and even a male stripper into the works.

With the advent of social media, there is more pressure to be bigger and better. Some hens parties involve a week-long getaway to a party city (think Vegas) or a weekend trip to a private spa, complete with full-body massages and sparkling wine on tap. 

Nowadays, hens parties have certainly evolved and become sophisticated soirees that don’t necessarily call for topless waiters or unflattering tequila-ravaged selfies. In fact, the most important aspect is the opportunity to bond with the bride and one another.


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