The Brains behind the Brawn


‘Princes of the Night’ is Melbourne’s longest running full stage 2-hour sound, light and dance theatre production , Australia’s leading ‘Male Cabaret’ production company.

Having created and produced shows in Melbourne and Sydney, the Prince were the first company to break-through into the Asia market taking the Australian Princes cabaret to Shanghai, Singapore and Macau.

With its production roots in Melbourne, the company also produces shows locally for major charity events, corporate brand launches and over the years has performed or been featured across Australia’s mainstream media.

For over 20 years ‘Princes of the Night’ has been a full-time resident at Crown Casino Melbourne. The show is industry renowned for its impressive production values incorporating state-of-the-art sound and light technology delivering a professionally choreographed Showcase. A combination that has to date, entertained over two hundred and fifty  thousand guests from Australia and around the world.

“The reaction we strive for after every show are beaming smiles and high energy levels from our guests. On the reception we’ve received over the last twenty years, it’s clear we’ve made everyones night. Our audience had a fantastic show and we’re constantly told it’s so much more than expected.

Craig AKA ‘The King’

Creator of the Princes Show

Miss Juliette is a highlight of the the cast of the Princes of the Night, with her comedic complexity and her devilish tongue, she tells the audience, what happens at Princes stays at Princes!

Miss Juliette

Mistress of Ceremonies