The Royal Journey

Princes of the Night: Australia’s Premier Male Cabaret Show

“Princes of the Night” is Australia’s longest-running male cabaret show, delivering a 2-hour spectacle of sound, light, and dance at Crown Resorts for nearly 20 years. As pioneers in the industry, we brought our top-tier performances to Sydney, other Australian casinos, and even broke into the Asian market with shows in Shanghai, Singapore, and Macau.

Unlike imitators that followed the Magic Mike movies, “Princes of the Night” remains the premier male cabaret show in Australia. With roots in Melbourne, we also produce shows for major charity events and have been featured across mainstream media.

Join over 500,000 guests who have experienced our state-of-the-art production, professional choreography, and unforgettable performances at Crown Casino Melbourne.

Celebrate with "Princes of the Night" at Crown Melbourne

The acclaimed "Princes of the Night" is your perfect choice for celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime hens night party, a birthday milestone, or simply a fun night out with friends! Celebrate with class, style, and a dash of cheekiness at Crown.

About the Show

Experience a 5-star production like no other! Hosted by the hilarious 'Miss Juliette'—Melbourne's very own comedy powerhouse, Julie Sharpe—our show features a cast of exceptionally talented and charismatic Princes. Prepare to be mesmerised by hypnotic dance routines, laugh out loud with side-splitting comedy, and be dazzled by the glitz and glamour of a Vegas-style show.

Craig W | Director

Creator and Producer

The Princes show is led by female comedic compere Julie Sharpe, aka ‘Miss Juliette’. Julie has been entertaining crowds as the Princes MC around Australia for over 20 years. Her razor-sharp wit and her lightning-fast tongue, is well known for keeping crowds entertained. Her improvised comedy routines deliver an immersive experience for the audience.

The Princes of the night show provides women an environment that lets them feel both safe and confident to embrace their desires and gives them an opportunity to let their hair down for an evening packed full of laughs and entertainment.

This Australia's Premier Male Theatre and Cabaret show has been running at Australia’s Leading entertainment complex, Crown Melbourne, for over 25 years.

Miss Juliette

Mistress of Ceremonies