Celebrating a Classy Hens Night Idea in Melbourne

Classy Hens Night Idea


Contrary to popular belief, a hen, as in hens party, has no direct link to chickens or poultry.  It does, however, have something to do with birds in general. Rooted in old English, a hen was the term associated with the female of any species, which over time, also came to be associated with ladies. Women who gathered together for any reason were known as a group of hens.

Historically, hens parties as we know today didn’t exist. Pre-wedding gatherings did exist, though, and further back than you might think. The earliest known records are in ancient Greece, where both men and women would gather the night before the big day in preparation and celebration. For a bride, this was called Proaulia. As with most things, they’ve evolved over time and are now a more elaborate affair. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s a hens party became associated with weddings and not until relatively recently, it became the cheeky and often naughty event it is today.

The Checklist

Where to start with planning an event of this magnitude can be unnerving. There is so much to remember, so you’re likely to be feeling a little overwhelmed. Before you embark on planning the hen’s party, follow this checklist of the fundamentals. Try to make the most of this fabulous opportunity- see it as a rewarding challenge than a scary one.

Speak with the bride

Always speak to the bride before you plan anything. There may be things she’s totally opposed to or something she desperately wants to include. Knowing these could make all the difference. Traditionally the maid-of-honour will plan the entire event as a surprise for her best friend; however, in more recent times, some brides-to-be are keen to have more of a say or even plan the weekend herself- at least that way, it’s precisely what she wants. A new trend is also emerging, a STEN party. STEN is an amalgamation of the words stag and hen. This celebration includes both the stag and hen in a weekend with all their friends together at the same time.

Decide on a date

The ease of settling on a date will depend mainly on the group’s size and will need to take into account their other commitments, such as work and family. To begin with, ask the bride for some dates that she can do. Then give the group this selection that together you can narrow down. There will always be one weekend that stands out for availability above the others and usually, hens can shuffle workdays and childcare to attend.

Settle on a location

After you have spoken to the bride and decided on a classy Hens Night Idea you’ll soon gain an idea about her location ideals. It’s a possibility she may want to stay reasonably close to home and spend more time partying than travelling, but this won’t always be the case. She might want to make the most of this opportunity, and if the budget allows, go abroad to an entirely new scene.

Discuss the budget

The budget is the driver of the weekend. Knowing what the rest of the group can afford is crucial in settling on any ideas you may have.

Although you may be super excited and desperate to book, doing so before you know the budget is a wrong move. Once you know what you have available to spend, you can search for the best options around, such as accommodation and activities. You can also stretch the cents as far as possible to allow for special little extras. A much more popular and classy Idea then a low quality strippers bar show as like magic men australia magic or the magic men show in a bar.

Book accommodation

Arriving at the accommodation and getting yourself settled in and ready for wherever activities you’ve chosen is always exhilarating, so do take your time and find what’s perfect for you. Depending on the hen’s party you’re thinking of creating, the accommodation may or may not be significant. If you’re planning to be out and about for the most part, then you’re just looking for something clean and straightforward where you can lay your head after you’ve danced until you dropped; not spending too much of the budget. If, however, you’re thinking of glamping or spending more time in the accommodation for a game filled pyjama party, you could hire a house. It’s worth browsing and spending a little more time browsing to choose the best option for you.

Book the activities

Shop around when you’re looking at activities. Search to see all the options a location has. If you’re away for the whole weekend, you’ll have quite a lot of time to fill. There are vast options to choose from- there is the naughty Classy Hens Night Idea at a strip clubs, to the nice, like cocktail making, spa treatments or vineyard tours.  Based on what the bride wants and what’s on offer, make sure it suits her. Look for deals and ways to make the weekend a little less stressful, such as hens packages that combine more than one aspect of the weekend.

Once these big things are all set, you can move on to the finer details and begin to make it all sparkle and shine for the bride to be once you have booked your Classy Hens Night Idea in Melbourne.

Five ways to Survive a Hens Do

Let’s be honest; it’s not uncommon for a hens party to end in carnage! This is the time you can relinquish your usual responsibilities, let loose and go wild. Don’t be ashamed; it happens to the best of us. You’ve drunk a little too much, danced hard, you’re feet are killing you- you might even have beer fear! Follow these five simple steps to find a little light when you’ve partied hard.

Sleep well

For various reasons, you’re unlikely to get that much sleep during the weekend, so make sure you’re well-rested before it all kicks off. Get a nice early night beforehand so you wake up feeling fresh and can make the most of it all. Speaking of tired, once you arrive back home, you’re going to be utterly exhausted, so where you can, take the next day for yourself to recuperate and process what just happened!

Drink plenty of water

Water is the juice of life and you’re not going to make it far if you don’t stay hydrated.

Drink plenty before you head off, so you’re in the best possible state before the first alcoholic beverage touches your lips; make sure to schedule water in your night. You might not feel like a glass of H2O at the time, but you’ll be thankful you did when you don’t feel quite so queasy the next day.


A good hearty breakfast will start the day well with regular meals and snacks; it’s never a good idea to skip meals and when you’re setting out on the weekend like this. You’ll need all the calories you can. You’re sure to expend a lot of energy doing whatever your activity is or dancing until you can dance no more, as well as needing to line your stomach before, during and after sipping your way through all that champagne.

Pace yourself

As fun as it is all being together, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time, drinking yourself silly in the first hour isn’t a bright idea. Not only are you likely to make a fool of yourself mid-afternoon, but you’ll also end up missing out on a large part of the weekend once you’ve taken yourself to bed AND feel rubbish the next day. Take things slowly, or alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water to keep you going all night.

Make up some hens party survival bags

Aside from being super cute, especially when personalised to the hen crew, these little packs can also be a lifesaver during the night and the following morning. Depending on the activities you are embarking on, the content is likely to change slightly. In a general party survival bag, you could include some fail-safe things like; plasters, paracetamol, a bag of sweets, chewing gum and a reusable drinking straw.

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