Who Aren’t Invited To The Wedding?

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Can you invite friends to your hens but not your big day?

What are the dos and definitely-don’ts when it comes to this engagement milestone? Knottie Mel wants to know: “Is it OK to invite people to the hens night who are not invited to the wedding? Especially if we are only having a small wedding.”


“Yes it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s a great way to connect with people who you may not be able to invite to the wedding.” – Bernice

“Yes if they are real friends they will understand and probably appreciate the thought of being invited.” – Jasmine

“Yes! I invited a lot of girls to my hens that were not invited to the wedding — I think the hens night serves a very different purpose than the wedding — the wedding is really about who you and your partner feel are important in your lives.” – Cara

“I think so! I’m planning on inviting everyone to my hen’s night, it’s a way to involve friends that you may not have room for at the wedding, but still make them feel like they’re celebrating the upcoming wedding!” – Amy

“It is different for each bride-to-be and guest. If you are unsure on the matter, ask the guest in question.” – Sarah

“I’ve been pondering this as well. Some people will automatically think they’re invited and I think will be hurt if I don’t invite them to the wedding.” – Zeah

“Of course you can! I was invited to a friend’s hens night and not her wedding. I was honoured that she was able to at least consider me to something. It’s also the fact that you might have a small wedding and can’t invite everyone, so inviting others to the engagement party or hens – at least it’s something!” – Kelly

“I like this idea. I have work mates who I party with and do lunch dates with, but who FH doesn’t know and who wouldn’t be invited to the wedding.” – Danika

“I think it is acceptable. Especially with the cost of weddings, it’s a great way to have everyone involved in some way with the whole wedding process… plus I think most people just like a good party, so aren’t too offended in the end.” – Finley

“I am inviting people to my hens night that aren’t invited to the wedding. We’re having a destination wedding so this is my way of getting to party with everyone who can’t come to the wedding!” – Laura

“We had a family-only and very close friends so anyone I would have invited if we were having a big wedding was invited to my hens do, so they were still part of my celebrations and they all understood.” – Dyone

“Personally, I would feel awkward doing this.” – Vanessa

“I say it’s each to their own, but I have only included people who I’m close enough with to invite to the wedding. I wouldn’t feel right having people at my hens if they weren’t invited to our wedding also.” – Kara

“That’s what I have to do. My guest limit is 50 for my reception and all of my friends know that. I still want them to be part of something to do with my wedding so they are all invited to my hens. If you’re not inviting them just because then it’s not good enough but if you are having a small wedding or you have a guest limit and they all know that then it’s fine. I let mine all know from the start and no one was angry.” – Emma

“I’m doing that. I think people understand that you can’t invite everyone and will be excited to be involved in hens party if nothing else.” – Samantha

“I invited workmates to my hens do, who weren’t invited to the wedding. They understood that the wedding guest list was mainly family and closest friends. But still wanted to party with me before I got married, and appreciated being involved in the celebration in some way! If your friends don’t understand then they aren’t real friends in the first place. And a lot of workmates also made the effort to come and watch my walk down the aisle even though they weren’t invited to the reception, which was lovely!” – Valerie

by Alexandra Thompson

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