6 Fun & Classy Hens Party Themes

Classy Hens Party Themes

So your hens party is coming up. Should you have a hens party theme?

First, let’s ask some other obvious questions. Should there be booze? Disco balls? Attractive men? Do you want your hens night to be amazing, sexy, classy and unforgettable?

In other words: of COURSE, you need a hens night theme! In fact, you need several hens night themes to choose from! Picking from among the coolest (and least tacky) hen themes isn’t just fun, it can make selecting the venue, decorations, activities, entertainment and even the food and drink a whole lot easier.

When choosing a hens party theme, make sure to let everyone know early so they can prepare and give the theme their best shot.

So, break out the hens party cocktails and brace yourself, ladies. Here are our best, our favourite and our classiest hens themes that will turn your big girls’ night out from ordinary to extraordinary – guaranteed!

1. Sex and the City

Is there a hen alive who doesn’t just LOVE the idea of Sex and the City related hens themes?

Will you be the independent and sexually daring Samantha, the cynical Miranda, the naive Charlotte, or everyone’s favourite – the sexual writer Carrie?

2. Sleepover

While this may not be the best of all hen theme ideas for a night at the male cabaret show, sleepover chic is absolutely perfect for a slumber party at home or spa weekend away.

Pull out your most comfy PJs, slippers, and your favourite teddy and blankie, and this is a hens night costume you’ll never forget.

3. Little black dress

It just never goes out of style, so why not make the simple, chic and sexy little black dress your hens night theme?

For extra contrast on your big night out, the bride can wear all white while the rest of the ‘hens’ slip on their favourite little black dress, top or even a sexy jumpsuit. Then, glam it up a bit with pearls, long gloves and shades, and turn your hens night theme into Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

4. Rock n Roll

How ‘rock chick’ are you? You don’t necessarily need an electric guitar for this hens night theme, but you will need hair spray, black makeup and an attitude like Courtney Love.

And if rock chick isn’t your thing, how about Spice Girls?

5. Glitter

Let’s face it: the best hen theme ideas are all covered in glitter, right? We’re talking glitter eye makeup, glittery dresses, and glittery … everything!

A glittery hens party theme is easy and accessible for everyone, so grab some shiny stuff and have fun!

6. The Oscars

For your big night, why not pay tribute to Hollywood’s biggest night of the year too? Just imagine you and the girls are getting dressed to talk down the red carpet – and for bonus points, everyone else who is out that night can try to guess which star you’re paying tribute to!

While we think these are six of the absolute best hens themes for your Melbourne hens night, this is also a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild. How about all white, polka dots, the 1920s, stars & stripes – can you think of any more hens night themes that will send the bride off into wedded bliss in the classiest, sexiest, most fun way? Let us know in the comments!

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